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WHO AM I to answer this philosophical enquiry? 

While there's no answer to the eternal question of self-identity, let me keep it as simple as possible. I'm going to tell you what I believe, and trust me it's not at all complicated. Just keep reading.

My name is LORNA CARAPULI, LORNA MAY in art. In short, I'm an Italian freelance writer who mostly hanged around Switzerland, England and now in Paris, France. 

But of course, I have absolutely no idea who I am or why am I here. If I had the money, I’d hire two detectives to follow each other and then, maybe, I would understand something about myself... but there's one thing I live for: storytelling. STORYTELLING in all of its forms.  

I have and I continue to experiment through writing and acting. Cinema is my biggest passion because it's storytelling at its most complete form. That's exactly my approach when it comes to writing, either is for a film review or a content marketing piece about a toothbrush. The subject doesn't matter. What I'm aiming for is to produce content that would bring images and sounds to the reader, maybe even the smell of a fresh pot of coffee and a warm cherry pie. 

But what I truly want from my writing is to earn enough money to hire those two detectives to follow each other, of course.